Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

We highly encourage everyone to reserve their 2-hour OPEN PLAY session to guarantee their spot. We have a limited capacity to provide an optimal play experience without being over-crowded. While we take 30-minute clea…

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Birthday Party

1) How can I check if the available Date & Times?
You can visit our self-booking system HERE. BOOK MY PARTY!

2) Can I chang e my package choice as the party gets closer?
That’s fine! We send out a final party questionnaire 8-10 days before your event to get the detai…

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School Age Camp Questions
  1. What is the cost of your school age camps? The cost of the camp is $175.00 per week per child. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per child due at the time of enrollment. If you enroll by May 1st you will receive a $25.00 discount per child on your first weeks camp …
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Preschool Camp FAQs

What is the cost? The cost of the camp is $100.00 per week per child. There is a $25.00 nonrefundable deposit per child due at the time of enrollment. This holds your child's spot for camp

What is included in the cost? Included in the cost of camp is Lunch and 1…

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If you would like to book our services or know more about them, then please contact us using this form.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

DO I NEED TO MAKE AN OPEN PLAY RESERVATION? We highly encourage everyone to reserve their 2-hour OPEN PLAY session to guarantee their spot. We have a limited capacity to provide an optimal play experience without being over-crowded. While we take 30-minute cleaning breaks, you are welcome to take a snack break in the café while we sanitize the play area. If you have a FREE Coupon, POGO or Gift Card, please select "Child with FREE PASS or POGO" and present coupon upon check-in to redeem. CLICK HERE TO BOOK MY PLAY SESSION 

WHAT ARE YOUR OPEN-PLAY HOURS? *Real Time Availability Online* Monday - Friday: 8-10am; 10:30am-12:30pm, 1-3pm Tuesday additional times include: 3:30-5:30pm & 6-8pm at Lee’s Summit Location Saturday: 10am-Noon Saturday Afternoon & Sunday: Private Party Venue Our hours may chan ge seasonally, so be sure to visit our home page for the most up-to-date open-play hours. If we are not open for open-play, check our Events Calendar, we may have something else happening! Be sure to register for events in advance.

HOW MUCH DO I PAY TO PLAY?We charge $10 plus tax per child, beginning at 6 months to 6 years old. Children under 1 are free WITH a paid sibling. Adults are always free* (Extra Adults receive $10 credit) during open-play hours! Each play pass includes re-entry for the entire day. We have plenty for even very young babies to do, even if they’re not yet crawling in our 18 months & under section!

I HAVE MULTIPLE CHILDREN, DO I HAVE TO PAY THE SAME RATE FOR ALL OF THEM?You don’t need to! We have Discounted Punch Passes on our Membership Page, ideal for families who want to SAVE. Remember, adults are always FREE*! One Free Adult per child, extra Adults pay $10 & receive $10 credit to use in store.

I LIKE THE IDEA OF THE PARENTS LOUNGE, BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO USE THE PLAY AREA WITH MY CHILD?That's great! We encourage parents to play with their child as much as they like, and have full access to the play area. We even have café seating right inside of our play area for parents whose children prefer they stay close. We also have seating inside of our crawlers area. If your child is more independent, enjoy our comfy parents lounge where you'll still enjoy full view of the play area!

WILL KIDS OR PARENTS HAVE TO TAKE OFF THEIR SHOES?Our cafe & play area is strictly SOCKS ONLY. No shoes, no bare feet! This allows our little crawlers to explore freely & for our group activities. We are required to keep our feet covered at all times. Socks are required in our cafe for infants, children & adults! But don't worry if you forget, we have MY Play Cafe non-slip socks for $3, available in all sizes. For our friends with different abilities who require the use of a stroller or wheeled device, we will clean your wheels before entering the play area.

AT WHAT AGE DO YOU START CHARGING CHILDREN TO PLAY?Our rule is if your child is playing, we ask you to pay for them to do so. Children under 1 are free with a paid sibling- otherwise we begin charging at 6 months. Our play area is geared towards babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged children- which is why we charge for these age groups specifically.

I HAVE A CHILD THAT'S OLDER THAN 12. CAN THEY COME TOO? Of course! We welcome children that are outside of our play area age group free-of-charge. While not permitted to use any of our play equipment themselves (no exceptions) they can help a younger friend or sibling play. If they use or abuse the play equipment, however, we will ask them to exit the play area and instead sit in the lounge.

I HAVE AN INFANT, DO WE PAY TO PLAY AS WELL? Siblings under 1 are FREE. As long as you have purchased a ticket for the older sibling, they can come and explore our 18 months & under section!

CAN WE BRING IN OUR OWN SNACKS OR FOOD? Yes! We will have wholesome snacks and finger foods available for purchase, but we are also parents and understand that our offerings won't work for everyone. We do ask that all beverages (other than bottles and water, of course!) consumed at our facility are purchased in our café. We will have complimentary water, and warm water for safely warming bottles. While we are not a nut-free facility, we ask that you DO NOT bring in any food with nuts or traces of nuts for the safety of our other guests, and please wash hands before playing. You also may NOT bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes during open-play hours (a $25 cake fee will be charged at entry)!

IS THE PLAY PASS GOOD FOR THE DAY? Yes, once you purchase a play-pass, you can stay and play as long as you like, during open hours. ALSO INCLUDED is same day re-entry, because we understand that many little ones can only enjoy playing in shorter intervals.

MY CHILD HAS ALLERGIES AND/OR FOOD SENSITIVITIES. WHAT WILL YOU HAVE FOR US? One of our Core Values is provided Allergy Friend Foods. We have many options to choose from. We also carry Morgana's Gluten Free & Dairy Free Cupcakes & Cinnamon Rolls.

I'M BREASTFEEDING, WILL YOU HAVE ACCOMMODATIONS FOR ME?We encourage you to feed your child wherever and however you feel comfortable, but please ask if you would like more privacy.

WHAT IF WE LEAVE SOMETHING BEHIND? We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do a double-check before you leave our facility! We do have a lost and found by our cubbies that is donated weekly. If you did leave something, please call us and come retrieve it as soon as possible, within the week!

CAN I USE MY FRIENDS MEMBERSHIP CARD, OR GIVE MINE TO A FRIEND TO USE ?No. Memberships MUST be used within an immediate family ONLY. You may not allow other families to use your passes at any time, even if they are visiting with you. They will need to fill out their own agreement and purchase whichever pass they like.

DO YOU ACCEPT CASH & CARDS?Yes, we accept cash and all major cards including American Express. We do not accept personal checks and we are NOT able to accept bills over $20 at any time.

CAN I HAVE MY CHILD'S BIRTHDAY PARTY DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS AT THE CAFE WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE BOOKING PROCESS? No. We do not allow parties of any kind during our normal business hours. We, of course, allow birthday "play-dates" where guests may bring in gifts, but we draw a strict line at bringing in any outside catering, decorations, or re-arranging tables in the cafe to accommodate your "party". Doing so may result in you being asked to leave.

DOES YOUR FACILITY ENFORCE A PLAY-AREA CAPACITY? Yes! We make sure the play area is as comfortable as possible at all times. Please be sure to make an online reservation to help us maintain an optimal play environment.

CAN YOU PAY FOR CLASSES OR EVENTS AT THE DOOR? All classes and events require online registration. Please see our calendar for more details and registration information. This helps us plan ahead and make sure our events do not get too crowded!

WHAT IS YOUR PLAY AREA LIKE? Our play area specializes in imaginative play with high-quality, fun toys and creative activities for your child. Our cozy space allows for a truly unique play experience for the little ones and a truly enjoyable experience for parents. Take advantage of our intimate setting and enjoy coffee, spend time with a friend, or meet some new ones!

Camp Questions

  • What is the cost? The cost of the camp is $175.00 per week per child. There is a $25.00 enrollment fee per child due at the time of enrollment. If you enroll by May 1st you will receive a $25.00 discount per child on your first weeks camp fee.
  • What is included in the cost? Included in the cost of camp is Breakfast, Lunch, and 2 snacks. Campers will go on weekly fieldtrips (TBA) which is covered in the weekly cost. We also cover water for outside activities, sunscreen, and bug spray.
  • What does my child need for camp? Campers should bring a backpack with change of clothes, swim trunks, tooth brush/toothpaste (yes we will have them brush), sunglasses/hat (optional), and any medication if needed.
  • Who will be caring for my child at camp? Mrs. Sherry is the primary camp director while your child is at camp. She is also the person to direct any questions or concerns to while your child is at camp.
  • What if my child has a food allergy or restriction? We take every precaution possible to protect all children from foods that are common allergies. We are a peanut free zone. There are allergies that are not as common so please let us know if there is an allergy concern for your child. We also know certain foods are also restricted based on religious or personal preferences please let us know about those as well.
  • When will I know about the menu? Each week you will receive a handout or email about the upcoming menu for the next week.
  • Does my child have to eat what is prepared? We understand there will be foods that some kids just won’t eat. We don’t want anyone to go hungry so there will also be an alternative to whatever is on the menu that day. This means for breakfast instead of a frittata a child has the option of cereal or lunch might be chicken stir fry but the alternative is a ham sandwich (we are a peanut free zone). We do ask that the child takes a no thank you bite. They might be surprised what they will like if they try it.
  • What does each meal consist of? We use the food program guidelines for each meal. This location is not reimbursed by the federal government but we still use their guidelines.
  • Can my child bring their lunch from home and is there a price on the camp fee? Yes, your child can bring their lunch from home. If we take a field trip where a sack lunch is necessary, we will provide that for them. It will be marked as SL (Sack Lunch) on the weekly menu) followed by what is in the lunch that day. We do not discount the weekly camp fee if a child brings their lunch from home unless the child’s food allergies are so severe we feel it is in the best interest of the child to bring their own food. Please contact the Director at [email protected] to discuss this option.
  • I want to enroll more than one child is there a multiple child discount? Yes, we offer a discount of $10.00/week for child 2-4. For example you have 3 children between the ages of 6 and 12 you want to enroll in camp. Child 1 will be at $175 and child 2 and 3 will be $165 each per week.
  • How do I pay for camp? We accept cash, check, or credit/debit card. Payment is due on the Monday of the current week at drop off. We do offer automatic payment options. If you are interested in this there will be a form in your required paperwork for you to fill out.

Other Information:

  • Each parent will have the Director’s personal cell number to reach her on and you can call, text, or email. Please remember that we are extremely busy each day caring for children (we can have as many as 25 children per camp). We will get back with you at our earliest convenience. You can also try our number at The Kid’s Cove at 316-243-0051.
  • Each child will receive a camp t-shirt that is to be worn on field trip days.

Birthday Party Questions

How can I check if the available Date & Times?
You can visit our self-booking system HERE. BOOK MY PARTY!

Can I change my package choice as the party gets closer?
That’s fine! We send out a final party questionnaire 8-10 days before your event to get the details regarding your event. At this time you can make any changes you like! You can also add-on food, coffee & tea! If you don’t have all the answers when you receive the questionnaire, it is okay! You have until 5 days prior to your event to make changes.

Do you have high-chairs and booster seats for use?
Yes! We have four high-chairs for you & your guests to utilize.

We have a large party. How should we structure food-serving?
We always recommend (but for large parties especially) that hosts put all food out on the food counter just before guests arrive. Some guests will arrive hungry, and some will have just eaten, depending on the timing of your event. Allowing guests to graze as they become hungry (or when their little ones need a break from playing!) ensures that all guests will have a seat when they choose to eat and avoids congestion around the serving area.

Can we bring our own food & dessert?
Yes! You can bring homemade food, store bought food, and/or outside catering. The only restriction we have is that we are a nut-free facility, so we do NOT allow any food with nuts of any kind.

Can we bring alcohol?
Yes- but PLEASE be responsible and sensible. Per your contract, you are responsible for serving your guests. We are unable to serve alcohol and are not responsible for monitoring guests’ drinking or their behavior. We are not responsible for monitoring underaged drinking.

Are there restrictions on the types of decorations we can bring?
Just a few! Refer to your party contract (which is sent 10 days prior to your event) for details, but the big ones to note are: 1) we don’t allow anything to be taped onto the painted walls (non-painted surfaces like counters and windowsills are just fine, though, and we have plenty of those!) and this includes command strips, sticky tac, or ANY adhesive. 2) We do not allow piñatas due to our ceiling structure. Pull-string pinatas are OK but they can’t be hung- someone will have to hold it! And finally, 3) We do not allow any unnecessary rearranging of furniture or existing wall decor.

When do I pay my balance?
You can pay your final balance on the day of the party before you leave. You’ll be provided with a high-level receipt. If you’d like a detailed receipt you can request one at any time! We accept cash or credit cards. We do NOT accept personal checks. You may tip (optional) in cash or on a credit card.

When can I arrive to set-up?
You can arrive 30 minutes before your party begins to set up, and our party assistant(s) can help!

Will I have to worry about other parties or customers in the facility during my event?
Nope! ALL our parties INCLUDE a totally private rental of our entire facility. Yay!

Will my guests be required to wear socks?
ALL guests entering our facility will be required to wear socks. We also have shoe covers upon request. $3 Non-slip Sock for all sizes are available for purchase.

Will the coffee/ espresso bar be open during my party?
YES! Every party is staffed with a trained barista and our entire cafe menu will be available to order. There are 3 choices to structure this (please let your host know which you prefer):
1) You can purchase unlimited coffee & tea ($35) - specialty drinks are not included in this
2) You can have guests pay for their own order if they would like a drink (most common)
3) You can add guests’ orders to your party tab

Can I drop-off my decorations for you to set up before my party?
YES! We love setting up for parties and want you to be able to truly enjoy your child’s special day and want to make it as simple as possible. We would be happy to get your decorations started before you arrive. Please make sure your bag/ box is labeled with your last name and date and any specific instructions you may have.

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