Preschool Camp FAQs

Preschool Camp FAQs

What is the cost? The cost of the camp is $100.00 per week per child. There is a $25.00 nonrefundable deposit per child due at the time of enrollment. This holds your child's spot for camp

What is included in the cost? Included in the cost of camp is Lunch and 1 snack. We also cover sunscreen and bug spray for outside activities.

What does my child need for camp? Campers should bring a change of clothes, swim trunks, tooth brush/toothpaste (yes we will have them brush), sunglasses/hat (optional), and any medication if needed.

Who will be caring for my child at camp? Mrs. Sherry is the primary camp director while your child is at camp. She is also the person to direct any questions or concerns to while your child is at camp.

What if my child has a food allergy or restriction? We take every precaution possible to protect all children from foods that are common allergies. We are a peanut free zone. There are allergies that are not as common so please let us know if there is an allergy concern for your child. We also know certain foods are also restricted based on religious or personal preferences please let us know about those as well.

When will I know about the menu? Each week you will receive a handout or email about the upcoming menu for the next week.

Does my child have to eat what is prepared? We understand there will be foods that some kids just won’t eat. We don’t want anyone to go hungry so there will also be an alternative to whatever is on the menu that day. This means for breakfast instead of a frittata a child has the option of cereal or lunch might be chicken stir fry but the alternative is a ham sandwich (we are a peanut free zone). We do ask that the child takes a no thank you bite. They might be surprised what they will like if they try it.

What does each meal consist of? We use the food program guidelines for each meal.

Can my child bring their lunch from home and is there a price on the camp fee? Yes, your child can bring their lunch from home. If we take a field trip where a sack lunch is necessary, we will provide that for them. It will be marked as SL (Sack Lunch) on the weekly menu) followed by what is in the lunch that day. We do not discount the weekly camp fee if a child brings their lunch from home unless the child’s food allergies are so severe we feel it is in the best interest of the child to bring their own food. Please contact the Director at [email protected] to discuss this option.

I want to enroll more than one child is there a multiple child discount? Yes, we offer a discount of $10.00/week for child 2-4. For example you have 3 children between the ages of 6 and 12 you want to enroll in camp. Child 1 will be at $100 and child 2 and 3 will be $90 each per week.

How do I pay for camp? We accept cash, check, or credit/debit card. Payment is due on the Monday of the current week at drop off. We do offer automatic payment options. If you are interested in this there will be a form in your required paperwork for you to fill out.

Other Information:

Each parent will have the Director’s personal cell number to reach her on and you can call, text, or email. Please remember that we are extremely busy each day caring for children (we can have as many as 25 children per camp). We will get back with you at our earliest convenience. You can also try our number at The Kid’s Cove at 316-243-0051.

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