Automatically Crawling Octopus Baby Toy

Automatically Crawling Octopus Baby Toy
  • 🎵【CAREFUL DESIGN】The shape of our toy is designed as a octopus shape. The crawling octopus baby toy looks very cute and comical. The octopus toy comes with lights and music, the lights are soft and can flash light with the music. Children like this kind of toys, both to improve hands-on skills and to develop musical inspiration
  • 💡【USB CHARGING】In order to achieve the portability of the toy and implement the concept of environmental protection, our products are designed with USB charging. The rechargeable lithium battery is built into the toy and can be used for an hour for a long time after 2 hours of charging
  • 💡【INTERACTIVE TOYS】Our products can move independently and has the function of automatic obstacle avoidance due to the built-in infrared sensing device.Moving toys are easy to attract children's attention and help enhance and improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • 🎵【GOOD MATERIAL】The crawling octopus toy is made of ABS material, which is strong and durable, neat and odorless. Its smooth and burr-free surface ensures that children will not hurt their skin when playing with it
  • 🎁【PERFECT GIFT】It brings a lot of surprise and fun to children. The octopus toy also has a variety of functions, and it can leave children with wonderful childhood memories. Suitable to give this toy to children as their birthday/children's day/Christmas gift


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